Who am I?

Brad Barnes is a lifelong resident of Rome. His family has made their home in our city for the better part of a century. His grandparents, much loved educators Freeman and Louise Shelnutt, instilled in him the value of education and hard work at an early age.

Before becoming a successful small business owner and software engineer, Brad paid the bills as a factory worker and knows the value of a hard day’s work. His knowledge of technology and its role in society is a vital much needed missing expertise amongst our lawmakers.

What do I believe in?


Brad is a Georgia First conservative that believes the government of Georgia should work for the interests of the people of Georgia and not those of powerful out of state interests.


No matter how big the mercenary army of lobbyists they hire gets, armed with expensive dinners and gifts to ply our elected leaders or how many campaign contributions they rain down to drown out the voice of everyday Georgians, Brad will always put the people first.


Brad is active in local conservative causes. As an NRA member he understands the role of the Second Amendment in anchoring and protecting the other rights outlined in our Constitution. And backs local citizen leaders efforts to make sure that those rights are never violated by “red flag” laws or other unconstitutional actions.

Why Me?

Brad believes that rather than one-size-fits-all across the board cuts that balance the budget on the backs of our youth and families, legislators should take time to focus on the dead ends and ample waste in the state budget rather than cutting into vital programs that move our state forward. Government efficiency and OVERSIGHT of every hard-earned dollar coming out of taxpayers pockets should be the goal rather than careless ill-considered cuts made haphazardly.