Brad Barnes is a Georgia First MAGA Republican seeking to represent the people of Rome in the Georgia General Assembly for State House District 13. This district encompasses all of Rome and the central portion of Floyd County Georgia.

We don't need week republicans that buckle to the media and democrats

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Brad Barnes is a Georgia First Republican and lifelong resident of Armuchee. His family, especially his grandparents, much loved educators Freeman and Louise Shelnutt, instilled in him the value of education and hard work at an early age.

Before becoming a successful small business owner and software engineer, Brad paid the bills as a factory worker and knows the value of a hard day’s work. His knowledge of technology and its role in society is a vital, much needed missing expertise amongst our lawmakers.

Endorsements and Affiliations:

  • Georgia Life Alliance Certified Candidate

  • Member NRA

  • Member Georgia Gun Owners


My Plans and Stances:

★ True Election Integrity

  • No More Mystery Machine closed code Voting Equipment 

  • Pre-printed Paper Ballots

  • Special Commision to Fully Investigate 2018 and 2020 Elections

★ Permanently Suspend the Gas Tax

This tax hits suburban and small-town voters - overwhelming republican - much more than urban democrats and should be ended.


★ Stop The Californification of Georgia 

  • Stop the radicalization in our schools and universities

  • Ban Critical Race and Critical Queer Theory

  • Stop Anti-white racism and racial scapegoating 

★ End All Covid Tyranny

  • Ban both governmental AND private vaccine mandates

  • End all mask mandates 

  • Prevent vaccine passports 

  • Ban discrimination based on vaccine status 

  • Independent commissions to investigate the origin and handling of the Pandemic  

★ Restore Our Founders Constitutional Republic

 End Social Media Censorship & Narrative Control

If you can't speak freely then you can't think freely. If you can't think freely you can't act freely! Free Speech is central to a free society.